Certified Quality

Certified Quality

eLocalize is certified as compliant with the standards of ISO 9001:2008. Our auditor is the German institution TÜV Süd.

Translations into Arabic are certified to match the standard DIN EN 15038, a proof of reliability and quality.

We are currently awaiting ISO 9001:2008 recertification following the installation of Plunet management software

Our tested translators are selected native speakers of the target languages with academic qualifications from universities and language colleges either regional or international, all working in their specialized fields. Their performance with regard to the quality of the delivered work, on time delivery, responsiveness and general execution is evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Our Arabic translation department procedures are in accordance with DIN EN 15038 which includes reviewing by a second native speaker; additionally we perform a monolingual linguistic check of the target text.

We have experience in terminology work and the use of online/offline termbases. We use Trados orother common CAT tools and perform all QA procedures to ensure delivery of accurate and consistent translations.

Our engineering department team has a flexible work structure utilizing the latest tools to perform format changes or data extraction, verifying the results with QA tools. They have the requisite skills for localizing websites, software (GUI) and web applications as well as creating their own tools for custom testing or custom applications.

Our project managers are an experienced team with a good knowledge of the tools and methods used in the translation field, as well as an understanding of layout, engineering and DTP requirements.  

Software and websites created by our engineers go through defined testing processes and quality assurance procedures. These ensure their stability and appearance in all languages and technical environments under all circumstances.

Our digital and audio transcription services aim to deliver files with a high level of accuracy, this naturally depending on the quality of the recording supplied being both clear and audible. A good quality audio means your transcription will be more accurate and completed faster. We can of course improve the quality of an audio by a post-production engineering but only within certain limits. Secure file transfer via our company’s FTP server ensures a safe upload of your files.

Confidentiality is guaranteed as all our personnel sign non-disclosure agreements to respect the sensitivity of materials entrusted to us by clients for transcription. Upon completion, all transcribed audio and video files become the sole the property of the client. 

Our secure network and servers ensure that your documents are well protected at all times. Upon demand, data exchange can be encrypted via a secure data transmission. 

Access to our Cairo offices is restricted to employees with electronic cards; and the project management office is locked and accessible only by special authorization. We have separate networks, and upload and download data through standalone workstations.