Multilingual SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your Middle Eastern and African language website search engine results with us. We are the linguists of choice to ensure the relevance of your keywords in rarer languages, optimize foreign search engines and fine tune your advertisements

Our keyword research and localization help you achieve: 

  • Increased page rankings of the most important search terms 
  • Increase relevancy of your search results 
  • Increase visibility in the most popular local search engines 
  • Increase website visits and decrease bounce rates 
  • Increase conversions 
  • Increase return-on-investment in PPC investments 

We take care of the main principles of multilingual SEO: Quality, Relevancy and Consistency.

Keywords need to be localized, not translated because these must perfectly match with the linguistic demands of the target locales.  Direct translation of an English marketing campaign can lead to a dilution of ideas, waste money and mean missed opportunities. SEO is always performed by mother-tongue specialists in the target markets, and we employ the same levels of quality control, ethics and sustainability as for our other terminology work or difficult translations. Our multilingual keyword research will deliver the most profitable list of keywords for SEO and/or PPC (Pay-Per-Click). 

We not only localize the key terms for search engines but also check and improve landing pages in the target markets for maximum impact.