Testing a product's readiness for localization is all important.

This process is carried out in the localized version of a product based on globalization testing standards, which verifies the functional support for a particular region and checks the quality of a product's localization for the target culture/locale.

Testing includes:

  • Basic functionality tests
  • Setup and upgrade tests run in the localized environment
  • Plan application and hardware compatibility tests
  • Advanced functionality testing
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Validation of all application resources
  • Verification of linguistic accuracy and resource attributes
  • Consistency checking of printed documentation, online help, messages, interface resources, command-key sequences, etc.
  • User interface usability
  • Assessment of cultural appropriateness

 Precision, patience and a meticulous adherence to procedures – eLocalize has already proved itself in many projects that it has what it takes when it comes to validation and testing requirements.