Hatem Elsayed

Co-founder, Partner & CEO

Hatem is a graduate of Pace University in business studies and worked for a Wall Street bank and then in marketing of computer software in the States. Since returning to Egypt he has worked extensively in the field of information technology, computer hardware, digital networks, software development and telecommunications.

Mohamed Aly

Co-founder, Partner & Business Development Manager

Mohamed received a Bachelor's degree in engineering and industrial design with higher studies in the ergonomics field at Helwan University in Cairo. He gained experience as a design engineer localizing products for a Franco-Egyptian company for several years before joining the North African group of companies as a partner and a founding member of eLocalize where he developed the business field of localization.

Ahmed Abdel Hameed

Co-founder, Partner & Executive Manager

Ahmed has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ain Shams University (1999). He is also a Sun Microsystems Certified Java Developer and Programmer (2003), and is a co-founder of eLocalize for Technology and a board member, as well as a co-founder of Ewebbers Studio, an internet marketing company.

Frank Neser

Marketing Manager

Frank has a degree in publishing management in Germany and joined eLocalize in 2006. His career before moving to Egypt included stints as assistant of the distribution manager at CTM Computers, marketing director for MIG, a cable TV and digital media company, and KlettVerlag, the publisher of PONS dictionaries and language courses.