Publishing Multimedia


eLocalize transforms your content into digital media of any kind. Whether your source is a printed book, manuscripts, scanned materials or any kind of file format, we will prepare it for publication in any digital format. 

We specialize in MENA languages. But, with our advanced technical infrastructure and our highly skilled team members, we can make your content in almost any language ready for app stores, websites or other digital marketplaces. From plain non-fiction or technical book over fancy mobile applications to website content with or without audio or video, we will make it ready for digital publishing!.



Want to publish great eBooks and print books? We will do the hard work for you.We are a team of book lovers who know how to succeed in digital publishing. We can help you tell your story, transforming and re-imagining your content for the world of eBooks. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of Arabic language eBooks, but we also produce eBooks in many other languages, including Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Spanish, French and German, to name just a few.__      

Whether you want a great individual eBook or a collection of dozens of titles, we have the solution that you are looking for. You author the book, then we will create the eBook.Every eBook requires a different design approach. Once we have reviewed your needs and your content, we'll help you find the right solution. Whether you want to create a bestseller or share marketing documents, eBooks are a cost effective way to succeed.  With eBooks, you can enhance your message through multimedia elements, links to the Internet and engaging interactivity. Our experts will help you decide which approach will create the best product, according to your audience, content and budget. 

Digitalization and Text Processing

Whether printed books or any other type of text in a hardcopy format, we have the hardware, software and the people to let your texts be born again in digital formats. __    

 Many publications are only available in the form of printed material or as a scanned picture of a text. Using a powerful text recognition engine, we can turn images of texts, scans and similar materials into digital live text that can then be processed in other environments and for any purpose. The installed OCR environment has a very good recognition rate, while the painstaking proofreading provided by our team of dedicated linguists obliterates any digitization errors. After this QA cycle, the text can be further processed, either for database formats or eBooks, or into a DTP phase which will also restore the layout of the printed or scanned original. 



The localization of eLearning applications requires a combination of high skills and a flare for didactical design. The localization of eLearning goes beyond the scope of software localization, as concepts must be adapted to the environment of the target locale, including the learning culture and established customs of a particular country or region. __

We have both the experience and expertise to localize eLearning projects of any size. We produce eLearning solutions that are tailored for the target market in the Middle East and Africa. Our team can handle the localization of classroom solutions (CBL), self-paced training courses (CBT or WBT) and computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), whether for companies (in the application, in the actual work process, and on the user's own workstation), or in schools and in adult education. Thus we have the capability to implement individual production over a wide range of topic areas using state-of-the-art technology.
Services include: 

  • Customizing eLearning for specific needs in the Middle East and Africa 
  • Specialized solutions for African languages 
  • Integration of educational, linguistic and technical expertise 
  • Adaption, conversion and design of content 
  • Translations performed in-country by native partners experienced in eLearning  
  • Images, voices and animations matching the target locale 
  • Authoring, capture, design, simulation and engineering using the latest tools

Online Applications

Our web programmers create great online applications. We can provide complete solutions including a strategy, the concept, design and technological implementation through our one-stop, in-house team. __

Some of our applications are available in app stores, while we have also developed and completed many more for clients. Customers benefit from our many years of expertise in software development and programming mobile/cellular applications for IOS and Android. Our applications are not just fancy little gadgets, but genuine solutions in eLearning and corporate information for field staff and interactive customer information. 


Audio / Voice-overs

We don’t just have the linguistic competence, as we have the voices too.__                        

We have many native speakers in our voice talent database that includes male and female voices for many Middle Eastern and African languages. We perform the recordings of target texts, whether in-house or from a client, in an external audio studio. We can provide an audio file with the spoken text after post production and in any audio file format of your choice, or as a recorded ready-to-use voice-over for a film or video. 


Ewebbers is our own website design, website engineering and e-commerce center. With our team's combined experience in graphic design, website development, flash animation and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers can deliver an innovative and good looking design, on time and within budget. __

Our web designers have creative talents that will appeal to your sense of style, as well as training in and knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! Combined with the skills of our graphic designers, illustrators and multimedia animations, Ewebbers create websites for a wide range of purposes and target audiences. 


Graphic Solutions

Desktop Publishing

DTP in the World's Languages and Scripts                        

There are 15 publishing professionals and graphic designers working in our DTP team. They are equipped with the latest in software tools and can carry out projects of any size, in any language or formats. The application of our ISO certified quality management and DTP work process leads to the highest quality and best deliverables. We have all the skills, people and tools to provide you with ready-to-print documents in all languages.__

We not only offer great quality, but also cost-efficiency in foreign language DTP, including European, Asian and Middle Eastern scripts. The latter is our core competence, due to the right-to-left script direction of the Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Pashto and Dari languages, which requires a skilled graphic designer and the right software tools. Middle Eastern and African languages, for instance the Geez-script of Amharic, Oromo or Tigrinya, often come with challenges associated with the creation and rendering of non-Latin alphabets. Unicode has become an international standard that includes most non-Latin characters and makes storage and retrieval of non-Latin characters in distributed environments (such as the web) much easier. Unicode support for some character sets (such as Bengali) is still not universal, so the use of legacy character sets may occasionally be necessary (at least in the short term), but, ideally, website content should be stored and edited in Unicode. Our DTP-experts have experience and routine in dealing with most scripts of the world.


Creation and Design

We undertake design work – from the initial brief to the final artwork.  We can adapt design drafts to your company's corporate model or create new graphics from scratch. Our graphic designers combine creativity, style and experience, while using the most advanced tools to create matching and powerful graphics.__

Our portfolio is large and includes: leaflets, brochures, flyers, posters, covers, logo designs, exhibition stands, folders/wallets, web designs, catalogues, book illustrations, corporate design, stationery, wall planners, mailing cards, and much more. The wide range of graphic design projects includes the application of CI definitions for all kinds of corporate documents, advertising and business cards, as well as the creation of comic strips and characters. 

Illustrations, Images and Art

We can produce any type of illustration from simple black & white graphs to complex color images to give that special look to your documents. __

 We illustrate marketing materials, eLearning content, all types of technical documentation, websites and manuals. Using the most advanced tools, all artwork is scalable without compromising the quality. Naturally, we work in close cooperation with your staff when carrying out the document layout. For a website, we can create modern and tasteful graphics including flash, bitmap graphics such as PNG or GIF, scalable vector graphics and much more. 


Animated Graphics

To add movement to your website, our graphic designers can develop and design all kinds of animated graphics such as APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics), flash, HTML 5, Java script, animated GIF and others.

Data Engineering

Preparation and Postproduction

Data engineering is required to prepare CAT tool translation files from the usual source file formats and layouts. Terminology extraction, format change, image extraction, text extraction and even programming custom utility software for special needs are all part of the engineers’ scope of work. __

To prepare all sort of content and file formats for a translation in Trados or other CAT-tools, our engineers use the complete tool box to gain, extract or convert content from any file format, even PDF. The same applies for the postproduction, of course, when cleaning the translation back into the source format, whether this is XML, MIF, DXF or INDD, for instance. More information about our engineering technologies and a complete list of our tools are to be found in the ‘Technologies’ section. 



Testing a product's readiness for localization is all important. This process is carried out in the localized version of a product based on global testing standards, which verify the functional support for a particular region and ensure the quality of a product's localization for the target culture/locale.__ Testing includes:

  • Basic functionality tests 
  • Setup and upgrade tests run in the localized environment 
  • Plan application and hardware compatibility tests 
  • Advanced functionality testing 
  • Comprehensive testing  
  • Validation of all application resources 
  • Verification of linguistic accuracy and resource attributes 
  • Consistency checking of printed documentation, online help, messages, interface  resources, command-key sequences, etc. 
  • User interface usability 
  • Assessment of cultural appropriateness 

Precision, patience and a meticulous adherence to procedures: eLocalize has already proved in many successful projects that it has what it takes when it comes to validation and testing requirements. 

Text Extraction

Recovering editable text and images from a PDF or from scanned documents  We have all the advanced tools to extract text and images from a PDF or from scans. The very different nature of PDF documents and scans when transformed into live-text documents, and from restricted access into unlimited use, makes each PDF extraction a unique project. __ In many cases, text extraction is no problem but any script format or document layout can be lost, especially in right-to-left scripts, so an extra DTP phase is required to restore the document as displayed in a PDF. Our engineers work closely with the DTP department to provide clients with fully editable documents identical to the PDF within a short period of time. 



File and format conversion - if there are any constraints related to data format or incompatibility, integrated engineering can resolve these. We can handle any data format or requirements, work with any tool and deliver any format you require.  Where others face limitations, we have the solutions! __ DTP tools are compliant with unusual text directions and scripts. However, there are some restrictions in right-to-left languages, for instance in Quark Xpress, older versions of FrameMaker or non-ME versions of Adobe In Design. Our engineers can provide a file conversion to achieve a ready-to-use file in any of the critical software environments. 

Localization Engineering

Localizing software, websites and applications requires engineering. Our engineers are able to handle any issues that occur in compiling, fixing and updating localized software. __ Localization engineering takes a product’s development environment apart and puts it together again after the UI has been translated. This includes preparation, supporting the translators, and building and compiling in the target language. A detailed analysis of the software is conducted prior to localization to determine fundamental variables such as complexity, size and technology requirements. Our team analyzes and resolves complex bugs and issues that may arise in the process and implements minor code changes where necessary. They are very up to date when it comes to new and emerging technologies, which include the full range of localization and translation tools.