This is eLocalize:

Great People and Great Technology

Over the years, using and accessing the latest technologies in our industry has honed our profile and broadened our range of services. Of course, the human element is the main objective of our work. Technology is just a tool for achieving this objective. We work with the best linguists to reach your target groups in their native languages, be they consumers, readers, users or employees.
At the same time, the dynamics of our growth are fueled by the rapid and well-founded use of new technologies..

eLocalize Landmarks

The steps eLocalize became a leading service provider for language services and digital publication for the whole of the Middle East and Africa region.


The company was founded as an affiliate of North Africa Company (NAC for Technology), one of the largest suppliers of computer hardware in the Middle East region.


Due to its ongoing success and increasing size, the company was registered as a private stock company, eLocalize for Technology SAE.


A DTP department and an integrated engineering team were added to the operation.


A service office opened in Germany.


A branch for African languages was opened in South Africa.


Our Cairo office space was expanded to keep pace with the number of employees.


- Despite the challenges posed by the Arab Spring revolution, eLocalize, thanks to its motivated staff and an emergency management plan, kept its operation up and running. In spite of curfews, lack of public transport and the instability in the streets, we continued to serve our customers, thanks to the implementation of our emergency procedures.


The Common Sense Advisory ranked eLocalize as the fifth-largest language service provider in our region.


The Johannesburg office, already registered as a standalone South African company, expanded to keep pace with the development of the African language market, providing local and global markets with localization services in all African languages.


Plunet management software was introduced to enhance and upgrade our in-house structure.


The E-Publishing division was restructured as an autonomous department with a separate network and separate management software.


In the wake of the rising demand, machine translation with post-editing was enabled, using our own offline software solutions and a team of highly skilled Arabic-language specialists.


Our Cairo office space was expanded yet again to keep pace with the constantly rising number of employees.


In February 2018 we welcomed four creative writers in our new creative division to keep pace with the increasing demand for transcreation, ads and marketing texts as well as multimedia content.


CSA Common Sense Advisory ranked eLocalize as LSP no. 1 in Africa and the Middle East.

Modular and Integrated Services

Today eLocalize is a leading service provider for language services and digital publication for the whole of the Middle East and Africa region.

All our departments are well organized and quality certified. All our staff members are fully committed to working to tight deadlines, delivering high quality services, in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Each of our project managers is in full control of our wide service portfolio.

All our services - language, publishing and engineering - are fully integrated and located under one roof in the eLocalize building in the Nasr City district of northeastern Cairo.

At eLocalize our customers are welcome to choose the services they want à la carte and we can assure them that they will enjoy the final, ready-to-use products. Just to give a few examples, we have successfully delivered:

●     Complete websites in Middle Eastern languages including SEO and localization of graphics and images. 

●     Store-ready eBooks in  different languages and scripts, all with individual options.

●     Multilingual Techdoc with localized videos and images.

●     Ready-to-use eLearning courses with localized voices, graphics and contents.

The eLocalize People



Hatem Elsayed

Co-founder, Partner & CEO

Hatem is a graduate of Pace University in business studies and worked for a Wall Street bank and then in marketing of computer software in the States. Since returning to Egypt he has worked extensively in the field of information technology, computer hardware, digital networks, software development and telecommunications.


Mohamed Aly

Co-founder, Partner & Business 
Development Manager

Mohamed received a BSc in Engineering and Industrial Design, specializing in Ergonomics, from Helwan University in Cairo. He gained a wealth of experience as a design engineer localizing products for a Franco-Egyptian company for several years, before joining the North African group of companies as a partner and a founding member of eLocalize, where he has developed the business field of localization.


Ahmed Abdel Hameed

Co-founder, Partner & 
Executive Manager 

Ahmed has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ain Shams University (1999). He is also a Sun Microsystems Certified Java Developer and Programmer (2003), and is a co-founder of eLocalize for Technology and a board member, as well as a co-founder of Ewebbers Studio, an internet marketing company.


Frank Neser

Marketing Manager

Frank has a German degree in publishing management and joined eLocalize in 2006. His career before moving to Egypt included stints as assistant sales manager at CTM Computers, marketing director of MIG, a cable TV network and digital media company, and Ernst Klett Verlag, a leading publisher of school books, dictionaries and language courses..

Our Customers

eLocalize works principally as a specialized expert in Middle Eastern and African languages for companies that operate globally. Our main customers are located in Europe and North America, but we also have a loyal customer base in other countries such as China, Korea, Japan and New Zealand.

In accordance with company policy not to disclose any information about our customers and clients, we do not showcase any names or logos here. We are working for many of the best known brands in the world in e-commerce, the automotive industry, smart and mobile/cell phones, hardware, software and pharmaceuticals, as well as for international organizations and NGOs. In addition we supply specialized or very specific technical and linguistic consultancy to large language service providers, libraries and corporations with internal language departments.

Our customers appreciate our strict confidentiality rules, which would of course apply to your company and its projects too. Discretion is our watchword.



AHK Egypt

AHK (GACIC) is the German-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, which promotes bilateral business relations between Germany and Egypt, along with the whole North Africa and the Middle East region. Germany is the second largest investing country in our region. AHK Egypt was established in 1951 as the official representative for the German economy in Egypt and the Middle East.

Representing more than 3200 member companies, GACIC is the largest organization in terms of business cooperation between Germany and the Arab world. GACIC plays a pivotal role in Egyptian and German business cooperation.


D&B Registered

eLocalize has been registered with D&B for many years, in order to ensure the transparency of our company's excellent business practices and to provide everyone with information about our excellent credit rating.



In this day and age, access to people, ideas, education, marketing and business is something vital for any ambitious company. Our membership in the American Translators Association (ATA) gives us access to intelligence related to language, translation and cost-effective best practices. The ATA is the world's largest translators’ association and a great networking tool.



The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association for the translation and localization industry. Let's meet together at one of the yearly GALA conferences!



TÜV Süd is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Founded way back in 1866, it is one of the world's leading technical service and certification organizations. In 2009 we received our first certificate for compliance with the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 and the auditor was TÜV Süd.


IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee

The Upper-Rhine – Lake Constance Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer Hochrhein-Bodensee / IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee) has got almost 33, 000 member companies representing their interests with politicians and authorities. The Chamber provides information about relevant economic issues and professional education, as well as offering a platform for members to network. eLocalize is an IHK member with our German office in Konstanz, through which we are connected to local universities and businesses.



TAUS, the language data network, is an independent and neutral industry organization. APIs of TAUS give us access to services like DQF, the Quality Dashboard and the TAUS Data Market through our own machine translation engine and tools. TAUS metrics and data are already built into most of the major translation technologies that we use.



The Egyptian Association of Language Services (EAGLS) was founded in February 2019 by a group of linguists and language technology experts. eLocalize was one of the founders. EAGLS has the mission to be an open forum for the language industry in our region and to serve as a platform to bring together language professionals to share knowledge and experience, to coordinate with universities and to connect with international organizations.