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eLocalize stands for excellent services that have been provided for almost twenty years in the heart of one of the world's largest metropolises. At the beginning of the new millennium, eLocalize's success story started with a modest office for software localization. The great success and rapid growth of eLocalize is based on reliability, customer focus and the pursuit of quality.

Although some would describe us a relative newcomer, we have come a long way since we were first launched in 2000. In fact, for the younger generation, nearly two decades in the business probably makes us look quite old. Today we are a fully-fledged supplier of considerable size and competence providing a full range of localization services for regional languages, not to mention various services for digital publishing.

Today, with more than one hundred employees, a number that is constantly growing, eLocalize is the continent's second-largest language service provider, a considerable partner for digital publishing and one of the world's leading locations for Middle Eastern and African languages.

Our goal has always been to deliver quality services to our clients and in this regard we have worked continuously to upgrade our services, our quality and our performance. We take pride in our work and we believe this focus on the constant development of our operation has helped power the sustainable and rapid development which the company has enjoyed...

eLocalize is compliant with standards of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015





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Services Portfolio

elocalize Language Services

As experts for MENA, the Middle East, North Africa and Africa, eLocalize offers a wide range of language services that include localization, translation, revision and interpreting. Over the years, using and accessing the latest technologies in our industry has broadened our portfolio that includes translation of terminology, multilingual SEO and localization of CMS content...


Our own state-of-the-art MT engine and our post-editing services strictly focus on Arabic language open up a very cost-efficient approach and efficient handling of very large volumes of standard texts.
Transcription of audio, video and speeches in specialized fields like medicine, pharma or technology combined with optional translation completes the full range of language services.

elocalize Digital Publishing

The latest stage in the development of our dynamically growing company is eLocalize Publishing, transforming content into digital media of all kind. Using advances technologies for text processing and digitalization we create great eBooks in any language; our digital publisher have created a large chunk of all eBooks in Arabic language...


We create online applications and localized eLearning courses of any scale, integrating multimedia content, graphics, animations and localized content.

elocalize Graphic Solutions

Our graphic designers create and design all kind of corporate material like leaflets, manuals and catalogues. Their skills combine creativity, style and experience to create Illustrations, images and art, as well as animations and animated illustrations.


An important piece in document treatment is our DTP studio where we transform texts in all languages into content in all kind of layout software. Our large team of specialists in Desktop Publishing can carry out projects in any language, any software and any scale.

elocalize Data Engineering

Preparation and postproduction before and after localization is the daily routine of our integrated data engineering department. They prepare all sort of file formats like XML, DXF, MIF or INDD, just to name a few, to prepare them for CAT-tools like Trados, MemoQ or Across...


Our localization engineers can further do text extraction, PDF extraction and conversion of file formats and contents, as well as localize software, websites and applications. This technical services are complemented by comprehensive testing of the localized product.

elocalize Customer Portal

For our customers we provide on request a secure portal access to our Business Manager Software. Using the customer portal you can securely and reliably upload your documents directly to the project manager's workplace and request a quote or place an order without any e-mail traffic...


Of course, the portal provides you with a transparent overview of current projects and their progress, while the administrative processes are clearly explained, along with important data and other information, at any time the customer may require.

elocalize One-stop service

Our complete service portfolio makes it possible to serve with ready-to-use products with just one contact at eLocalize. We can combine different services and include them in one project that is handled by only one of our skilled project managers. As an example “software localization”.


such a multi-level project may include translation and revision, combined with localization engineering, programming, art work, audio dubbing and testing. The deliverable is your software in the target language, ready to release. You can combine almost any of our services, like TechDoc translation with interpretation of trainings, translation with DTP, PDF extraction and translation, text digitalization and eBook release, etc. etc.

Latest News

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From time to time there is up-to-date information with relevance to our region or areas of expertise of our departments that threatens to be lost in the overwhelming amount of news.

At irregular intervals we will prepare and make available such news in short and concise form.

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Our Offices

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Gottlieber Str
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Herr Tobias Hoffmann
Phone: +49 (0)7531 7260235
E-Mail: deutschland@elocalize.net: deutschland@elocalize.net