08 May 2019


EAGLS - The Egyptian Association for Globalization and Language Solutions https://www.eagls.org is a highly professional and prestigious entity serving translation and localization market and all related stakeholders. EAGLS was founded in December 2018 by language service providers, translators and language engineers. eLocalize is one of the founders of this new syndicate for the Egyptian language industry.

One of EAGLS' goals is to improve education and training of Arabic linguists and translators, to maintain and improve quality standards. Further, EAGLS tries to attract freshmen to the language business and to improve career opportunities for the great people that are already working in the language industry.

EAGLS is also kind of a professional syndicate to help protecting the interests of freelancers, agencies or staff members in the language industry of Egypt and a strong contact a mediation and negotiating partner at eye level for the Egyptian government and institutions.

As Hussam Eldin Atef said: "A perfect step forward to encourage and protect the Egyptian translator's rights. But there's way to go."

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